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[Alternatives to Incarceration]

Electronic monitoring is a justice system tool that benefits both prosecuting and defense attorneys.

For the prosecution, electronic monitoring ensures that defendants show up for court, are properly supervised post-trial, and that should they attempt to commit another crime, they will be immediately apprehended.

For the defense, electronic monitoring keeps the offender out of jail, promotes rehabilitation and accountability, and provides a chance to break out of the recidivism cycle. Some key features of the Minuteman Monitoring™ solution include:

Pre-Trial - No one should have their lives torn apart by merely being accused of a crime. However, this occurs in justice systems across the world every day due to antiquated approaches to pre-trial defendant management. GPS tracking systems are a sensible alternative to pre-trial incarceration and provide an alternative or complement to bail bonds as well. No longer should indigent defendants be locked away in jail because they cannot make bail, losing their jobs, families, and lives in the process, while awaiting trial. Pre-trial defendants on electronic monitoring can continue to lead normal lives while the justice system works through their case. GPS monitoring systems directly address the interests of the court in ensuring defendants attend trial, and additionally prevent attempts to jump bail or flee jurisdictions because such moves are quickly detected and responded to by law enforcement.


In the case of offender-pay programs, all of this can be accomplished at zero cost to the justice system, while saving government incarceration costs that are upwards of $65/day.

Incarceration Alternative - Study after study has demonstrated the lack of rehabilitation benefit of incarceration. Furthermore, our jails and prisons are filled with non-violent offenders who could be rehabilitated with the appropriate programs, while protecting society from any relapses through electronic monitoring.

Minuteman Monitoring provides a sensible alternative to incarceration. Instead of sentencing offenders to a life of crime, Minuteman Monitoring services can correct behaviors and redirect offenders to productive lifestyles. Minuteman Monitoring is part of the solution for achieving the rehabilitation goals of the justice system.
Intermediate Supervision Level Between Prison And No Supervision - Prison overcrowding throughout the world has forced governments to conduct mass releases of offenders from prisons, often with poorly-defined selection criteria. Electronic monitoring of paroled offenders represents a sensible middle ground between continuing incarceration or releasing prisoners into society with no more supervision than occasionally reporting into a parole officer. We at Minuteman Monitoring believe that violent sexual predators should never be released without electronic monitoring. Many laws requiring this are on the books in US states, often named after child victims of released sexual predators, yet the revolving door continues. Regardless of which provider of monitoring services you choose, we hope that you will join us in supporting this cause.
Proving a Defendant''s Innocence - Domestic violence defendants can voluntarily choose to be monitored electronically in order to prove that stalking or other accusations made by the other party are false. Evidence from electronic monitoring can be submitted in court to provide air-tight evidence of an defendant''s whereabouts at any time.

After release from jail, offenders are often targeted by law enforcement as one of the "usual suspects" for any crime committed in an area. Experience at Minuteman Monitoring has taught us that, more often than not, GPS tracking evidence is used to prove a suspect''s innocence than to incriminate one. By ensuring that probationers are not accused of crimes they didn''t commit, Minuteman Monitoring promotes effective resocialization.