Failure to charge the proper rate for a bail bond is a crime. All-Pro Bail Bonds always charges the rates shown below to all clients.

California State Bonds

– Bonds up to and including $500.00 in liability will be charged $50.00- Bonds over $500.00 in liability will be charged 10% of the penal amount

Federal Bonds

– Bonds up to and including $450.00 in liability will be charged $50.00- Bonds over $450.00 will be charged 12% of the penal amount

Qualified Unions*, Private Defense Counsel**, Military*** & AARP****

– Federal and state bonds up to and including $600.00 in liability will be charged $50.00- Federal and state bonds over $600.00 in liability will be charged 8% (20% savings) of the penal amount

Immigration Bonds

– Bonds will be charged $100 execution fee plus 15% of the penal amount of the bond, subject to a $100 minimum premium.Please note: The minimum premium for state and federal bonds is $50 per bond and the minimum premium for immigration bonds is $100 per bond. No renewal fees shall be charged on any bonds.* Qualified union is defined as any union in which the defendant or indemnitor are members. Membership must be validated by a current union card. Minimum Premium $50 per bond** Private Defense Counsel is any practicing defense attorney who is retained for or on behalf of the defendant. Minimum Premium $50 per bond*** Active duty members, veterans and immediate family members of the United States Military Armed Forces. Immediate family is defined as a parent, child or spouse.**** AARP member is defined as any AARP membership in which the defendant or indemnitor are members. Membership must be validated by a current identification card. Minimum Premium $50 per bondType your paragraph here.

Bail Bond Rates & Prices
Individuals who have retained legal counsel are eligible for a 7% bail bond rate

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California laws states that a bail bond can be no more than 10% of the bail amount.

If a judge sets bail at $25,000 for an inmate and he or she doesn’t have $25,000 they, or one of their friends or family members (co-signor), will need to pay a bail bondsman a non-refundable Premium of $2,500 to post their bail. (*See below for payment options)

For qualified individuals we can offer a 20% to 30% savings on your Premium. This discount can result in substantial savings.

Individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible for an 8% bail bond rate

Union Members
County, State and Federal Employees
Home Owners

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Bail in the state of California is regulated by the Department of Insurance.

*Bad Boys Bail Bonds offers many payment arrangements and financial options to our clients with INTEREST FREE. We work with EVERYONE, we are flexible and will accommodate your specific bail needs.Type your paragraph here.

1. Bail Amount Set by the Court

After an arrest, the court will set a bail amount, which varies based on the charges and other contributing factors. This is done as a way of making sure that the defendant appears at the scheduled court date (or dates) following his or her release from jail.Type your paragraph here.

How much does a Bail Bond cost?
The standard rate is 10% of the Bail Bond amount.  If certain conditions apply, the rate can be reduced to 8% of the Bail Bond amount.  These rates are set by rate filings from surety bonding companies and approved by the California Department of Insurance.  The bond can be paid for with U.S. Dollars or any major credit cards.  Under certain circumstances, personal checks will be accepted.
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Since the price of a jail bond is regulated by the State of California, you’ll be paying the same amount no matter what bail bondsman you choose. The only difference, then, is the level of experience and the abilities of the bondsman. Bail Bonds America provides the most experienced agents, specialized in excellent customer service.

Bail Bond Rates

All rates for All-Pro Bail Bonds are on file with the California Department of Insurance. Notice of our rates can be found prominently on the wall within every branch office.Type your paragraph here.

What is your refund policy?
If an event occurs during the posting of a bond and the jail will not allow a bond to be posted, all monies will be returned promptly.
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Bail rates and fees differ depending on your stat's requirements. To view accurate rate information, please select the state above where the defendant is located.

Industry Standard Premium Rate

Bonds up to and including $499.00 in bail amount will be charged $50.00, plus $15.00.
Bonds over $499.00 in bail amount will be charged 10% of the bail amount, plus $15.00.

A minimum premium charge of $50.00 applies per bond. The $15.00 should not be included in the calculation of the minimum premium.Type your paragraph here.