Program Criteria:

Bail must be over $10,000 (prior failures-to-appear not eligible).
Minimum of 4% down-payment (smaller down-payments will be considered on a case-by-case basis).
Homeowners may qualify for 0% down-payment (must have equity in property)
Co-Signer(s) must have verifiable and adequate income.
Pay stubs, state identification and/or U.S. citizenship or legal residency required.
Must have a valid credit/debit card or checking account.
Additional underwriting may apply on a case-by-case basis.Payment Terms:

Minimum weekly payments of $100 (unless approved for less).
Any subsequent arrest of defendant accelerates the due date.
If a payment is missed, the default balance will accrue 10% interest and the entire balance is then due and payable.
If the defendants case is resolved and the bond is exonerated before all payments have been made, the balance is still due per the promissory note.
If sent to collections or taken to court for non-payment, all collection company and attorney fees are in addition to the balance and interest due.Call Now Toll-Free at: 1-800-647-3107 Type your paragraph here.

0% Financing

If you think you cannot afford bail, All-Pro Bail Bonds can help.  You can even put as little as 0-5% down (OAC). Once your bond is approved, you can literally ‘Bail Today and Pay Tomorrow’. Don’t let money stand in your way.Type your paragraph here.

Interest-Free Credit Terms

We offer affordable interest-free credit terms that are tailored to your financial situation.Type your paragraph here.

No Cash? Stroudsburg Bail Bonds is Here to Help

Next Steps: For those that don’t have the cash up front to post bail, you can get the help of an experienced Monroe County bail bonds company like A+ Bail Bonds. There are other Stroudsburg bail bonds agents, but they don’t approve as many in need as we do. All we need from you (the family member or close friend) is to contractually agree to pay the full bail amount in the event that the charged defendant does not appear for his/her court date. not sure if you have the money to pay the full bail amount? As long as the person in question is reliable enough to show up for their court date, you will only have to pay 5-15% of the full bail amount. The final percentage agreed upon is based on your specific financial situation and credibility.

We try our best to approve everyone who asks us for a bail bond! But be forewarned: if the defendant has a past history of missing court dates, etc, you may not want to take on the full responsibility for bail bonds Stroudsburg in the likely event that they do not make their court appearance. You must trust this person completely. Once we reach an agreement and the 5-15% fee is paid up, we will immediately post the full bail amount to the court or jail, and your loved one will be released quickly.

The defendant is given their court date (or dates if necessary) and then the difficult part is over! All that has to be done now is to show up for each and every court date assigned.

Get Started: To move forward with bail bonds Stroudsburg and bail bonds Monroe County, call us now. There is no bond to big or too small, and we work with a wide range of income levels and credit histories.